Welcome to my blog, which I have decided to start to allow me to record my memories of the adventures I plan to have over the coming years. This all began as a result of 2017 starting really badly. I thought I had reached a happy place after the sadness of the previous five years, but once again, life was taking its toll. New Year’s Day 2017 was a very sad day… I was lost.

My female friends all rallied round with hugs, glasses of wine, phone-calls, laughter and said all the things that we women need to hear at times of distress. My closest male friend however, took a more practical approach. I called him on New Year’s Day and he came round and, much like the time when I was fretting because I couldn’t find the perfect red dress for a wedding (and it HAD to be red) and he sat with me for three hours going through online shops helping me select said “perfect dress”, he sorted my head out.

His practical approach led me to create a “do and achieve” list for 2017. A bit like New Year’s resolutions but more. He also took me for a long walk/hike to really think about my list and also to get me thinking differently about myself. I still remember him saying I needed to “look up more” and “talk to strangers”. I am trying!

So, my “do and achieve” list for 2017 comprises of things like (1) learn Spanish (2) walk the Inca Trail (3) go back to the Cayman Islands (4) take part in a carnival (5) go to Havana (6) ride bareback in the sea (7) learn to salsa (8) go to the far north of Norway………

There are more than that on the list – but you get the gist.

So my first adventure was formed. I would go to Peru, walk the Inca trail, dance the night away in Havana, go back to Cayman and join the CayMAS carnival (full costume with feathers), and I would do all the things in Cayman that I didn’t do last time and wished I had.

The ‘learning Spanish’ is ongoing and I am loving it; I started the salsa lessons but haven’t quite found the right teacher and I need a male partner really (ever tried to dance the salsa alone? It’s pants).

So this blog is my record of the adventures I intend to have in 2017 and beyond.

Special thanks to Simon, my mentor and inspiration. To Anita, for always loving me regardless of how many times I ‘break’. To Laki, for being the Eddie to my Patsy. To Angie, for the swapped stories and constant friendship. To Pete and Kathryn, for being there and letting me visit again.  To Nathania, for just being beautiful inside and out. To Hennya, for always listening (and not sectioning me). To Julie, for the Spanish lessons and friendship. And to so many more old and new friends… you know who you are. And last but not least to my kids – I love you all so very much. Yes, your mum is not conventional, but I hope I am never boring.

Update March 2018: And my adventures are continuing. 2017 took me to Scandinavia to work and I am still here and I love it and I think Scandinavia loves me back. I am half Norwegian anyway so have always had some affinity to this area but it isn’t Norway that draws me. I have lived in Copenhagen and really loved the city and the way they live. (Hygge is real after all!) Now I am in Stockholm and it is the most beautiful city and I love it here, but I have fallen in love with a Dane……..so my future is set. I will return to Copenhagen at some point, probably soon and there I will stay forever.

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